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Spinaloga Elounda Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos: A scenic town and a lake without bottom where Artemis and Athena used to
swim, is the mythical scenery from which begins a fascinating trip to the eastern corner of Crete.
From there to Elounda and then to Spinalonga by boat, the excursion becomes more and more
interesting. The top is the magnificent beach of "Kolokytha" with swimming, barbeque and a lot of
Elounda: A luxury touristic town, Elounda, is a top choice of VIPs. Along with its natural beauty, it
has the most five-star hotels in Greece, villas, spa, golf courses of international standards, private
beaches, marinas, gourmet restaurants, fish taverns, bars, diving schools and sports courts.
Spinalonga: The famous little island of Crete, known for its glory but also the years of pain,
welcomes every year over than 300,000 tourists. Spinalonga has been a Venetian fortress, one of
the most important Mediterranean forts, a castle town, a leper exile place and a communication link
between Cairo and Greece, during second WorldWar.
The beach of Kolokyta or Agios Loukas is one of the well-hidden diamonds of Crete. A paradise
of transparent, clear waters. A superb destination for those who love swimming, diving and
tranquility. Rest under the shade of the old olives and enjoy a hearty meal. We organize a rich
barbecue with delicious meats and Cretan wine.

Sailing trip to Dia island

A unique sailing experience out of Heraklio's port. Dia is a beautiful uninhabited islet that stretches directly across from the city of Heraklion and protects its harbor from the north. It is a favorite destination for couples and families. On the beautiful sailboat you will find you can find all the comforts to meet the needs of up to ten people, practice fishing, diving and enjoy the barbecue on the deck.

Samaria Gorge

An unforgettable experience of life is the passge of Europe's most beautiful and widest gorge. Discover some the endless beauties of Samaria, which is a National Park and is protected by UNESCO. Put on hiking shoes and hat and come down to Omalos to start a 18 km route between vertical rocks, cypresses, pine trees, fir trees and flowers, in gurgling waters and endless springs, in meadows, caves and chapels. If you are lucky you will meet a kri kri. You will end the trekking in Agia Roumeli. Take a rest swimming in the blue waters of the Libyan Sea and replenish your strength with the rich meal we offer. A beautiful boat awaits you to take you to the heroic Sfakia and from there to your starting point.


The charm of the white houses perched on the black rock, the mystery of the Caldera and the open crater, its deep blue waters and its idyllic sunset make Santorini a unique island in the world. Do not miss a one-day or two-day cruise on Santorini. Except the wonderful nature, a cosmopolitan life is waiting for you with intense thrills. Our tour guides will show you the sights of the island, the white, picturesque towns Oia and Fira, many shops, taverns and bars. Some cute donkeys will take you down to the port of return.

Chrysi island

The whole island of Chrysi (or Gaidouronisi) is an endless beach like a Hollywood scenery. With a modern boat we start our sailing in the Libyan Sea and pass across from Ierapetra to the uninhabited island of Chrysi. Here the shores have sand gold and pink and water in all shades of blue and turquoise. Try to fish and you may be surprised by the result. Diving and water sports are imposed. The walk among the trees, the swimming in crystal clear sea, the soft smell of cedar and pure oxygen, give you a feeling of deep relaxation. A tasty and rich meal is offered in the boat. Don't forget to buy necklaces with seashells that will remind you of the Chrysi forever.

Gramvousa - Balos

At the Northwestern end of Crete, an exotic beach, Balos, a lagoon and an uninhabited island Gramvousa invite you to explore. The whole area is protected by the Natura program. The beach and lagoon of Balos is famous for its splendid shades of the sea, fine sand, shallow water, wild natural beauty and exquisite exotic scenery. During the cruise you can meet the sea turtle (caretta caretta), the monk seal (monachus monachus) and many dolphins.
The island of pirates, Gramvousa, with its exotic beauty, its Venetian castle, the panoramic view, the legend a hidden treasure and the lonely shipwreck in its bay, make your trip a fairy-tale. Swim in the warm, shallow, crystal and emerald waters of this fabulous place and relax in the endless sandy beach with the myriads of shells that are everywhere.


At the southwestern tip of Crete, Elafonisi is a small paradise protected by the Natura program. It is the winner of the most beautiful family holiday destination and is very popular as the whole area is a vast summer playground with organized beach, beach bar and water sports equipment. What characterizes Elafonisi and makes it part exotic is the places covered of myriads of tiny pink shells and the turquoise and shallow waters, but above all, the wonderful pictures left by the red sun when it sinks in the Libyan Sea.

Chania, Lake Kournas and Rethymno

Explore the north-west coast of Crete on a 5-hour coach tour from the Heraklion area. Get panoramic views of the sea, and visit the cities of Chania and Rethymno. Look for rare species of wildlife in the protected wetlands of Lake Kournas and more.

Knossos and Lasithi

The Minoan palace is the main site of interest at Knossos, an important city in antiquity, which was inhabited continuously from the Neolithic period until the 5th c. AD. The palace was built on the Kephala hill and had easy access to the sea and the Cretan interior. According to tradition, it was the seat of the wise king Minos. The Palace of Knossos is connected with thrilling legends, such as the myth of the Labyrinth, with the Minotaur, and the story of Daidalos and Ikaros.
Lasithi is a different angle of Crete. The area got its name from the Plateau of Lasithi, located in the mountains of Diktis at an altitude about 850. This is an almost perfect level with a maximum length of 10 km and 5 km wide! It is full of vegetable gardens and has about 10,000 windmills! It is the largest and highest plateau of Greece! The Cave of Zeus (Dikti Cave) is a system of caves located on the slopes of Mount Ida, on the island of Crete, Greece. The deep cave has a single entrance and features stalagmites and stalactites.

Scuba Diving

Although the area of Amoudara is perfect for holidays in Crete, the bottom composition (sandy) and the shallow depth (2-3 meters) don’t allow us to do any diving in the area. That's why we transfer the divers to our diving centre in Agia Pelagia, which is only 10 kms away!

Agia Pelagia has a lovely well organized beach and a wide variety of coffee places, restaurants, taverns and bars. There are also a few smaller beaches located nearby and plenty of amenities in the village of Agia Pelagia itself.

Quad Safari

Head up into the mountains of Crete and get back to nature on a half-day Quad Bike safari. Drive through shallow waters and impressive canyons of amazing archaeological structures.